Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus)
Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus). Taken at Laja de la Zarga, Spain, on November 7th 2016.
Taken at Laja de la Zarga, Spain, on November 7th 2016.
(1/500th sec at f16. Click image for larger version)

© David Hastings


L: 95 - 110 cm; WS: 230 - 265 cm
The Griffon Vulture is a typical Old World vulture in appearance, with a very white bald head, very broad wings and short tail feathers. It has a white neck ruff and yellow bill. The buff body and wing coverts contrast with the dark flight feathers.
It is resident in the mountains of the Mediterranean area, also Turkey and the Caucasus. 90% of birds are found in Spain.
The population is mostly resident, but there is a southward migration across the Straits of Gibraltar between September and November.
Griffon Vultures soar and glide frequently, often appearing in loose flocks. They nest on cliff ledges, often in colonies of 10-20 pairs.
Although declining in Europe it is still of Least Concern on the IUCN list.


07-Nov-2016:Laja de la Zarga, Spain(75+)
05-Nov-2016:El Cabrito, Spain(500+)
04-Nov-2016:Huerta Grande, Spain(200+)
03-Nov-2016:Montejaque, Spain(18+)
03-Nov-2016:Los Riscos, Spain(20+)
03-Nov-2016:Embalse de Montejaque, Spain(50+)

20-Jun-2014:Valchi Dol, Bulgaria(20+)

29-Apr-2013:Massif des Baronnies, France(c40)