Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus)
Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus). Taken at Leighton Moss, Lancs, on August 1st 2014.
Taken at Leighton Moss, Lancs, on August 1st 2014.
(1/200th sec at f11. Click image for larger version)
Juvenile Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus). Taken at Standlake Common, Oxon., on July 31st 2016.
Juvenile. Taken at Standlake Common, Oxon., on July 31st 2016.
(1/250th sec at f14. Click image for larger version)

© David Hastings


L: 28 - 31 cm; WS: 67 - 72 cm
The Lapwing's black and white appearance and round-winged shape in flight make it distinctive, even without its splendid crest.
It can be found throughout the British Isles, but only during summer in the Scottish highlands.
Its breeding habitat is usually arable fields, pastureland or seashore or lakeland meadows. In winter it will form large flocks on famland and marshes.
British birds leave upland areas after the breeding season and move to lowland fields for the winter. Large numbers of northern European birds arrive in Britain in the autumn. There are about 156000 breeding pairs in Britain, and up to 2.1 million birds over-winter here.
Its conservation status is Amber, owing to the large over-wintering population. Lapwings have suffered a significant decline in population in the last 25 years, mainly due to loss of habitat.


17-Jun-2017:Standlake Common, Oxon(16)
30-May-2017:Otmoor, Oxon
29-Apr-2017:Otmoor, Oxon
18-Apr-2017:Standlake Common, Oxon(12)
15-Apr-2017:Aston Upthorpe Downs, Oxon(2)
13-Apr-2017:Otmoor, Oxon
25-Mar-2017:Otmoor, Oxon
12-Mar-2017:Rushy Common, Oxon
19-Feb-2017:Otmoor, Oxon(1000+)
04-Feb-2017:Otmoor, Oxon(1000+)

26-Dec-2016:Rushy Common, Oxon(60+)
13-Nov-2016:Otmoor, Oxon(120+)
06-Nov-2016:La Janda, Spain(20+)
18-Sep-2016:Otmoor, Oxon(11)
11-Sep-2016:Otmoor, Oxon(4)
31-Jul-2016:Standlake Common, Oxon(30+)
23-Jul-2016:Otmoor, Oxon(50+)
04-Jul-2016:Leighton Moss, Lancashire(50+)
05-Jun-2016:Otmoor, Oxon(10+)
02-Jun-2016:Hatchet Small Pond, Hants(1)
02-Jun-2016:Lymington-Keyhaven NR, Hants(4)
01-Jun-2016:Lymington-Keyhaven NR, Hants(2)
14-May-2016:Otmoor, Oxon
07-May-2016:Aston Upthorpe Downs, Oxon(1)
30-Apr-2016:Otmoor, Oxon
17-Apr-2016:Otmoor, Oxon
25-Mar-2016:Otmoor, Oxon
13-Mar-2016:Otmoor, Oxon(200+)
27-Feb-2016:Standlake Common, Oxon
25-Feb-2016:Port Meadow, Oxford, Oxon(50+)
21-Feb-2016:Rushy Common, Oxon(50+)
04-Feb-2016:Port Meadow, Oxford, Oxon
23-Jan-2016:Otmoor, Oxon(3000+)

20-Dec-2015:Otmoor, Oxon(50+)
24-Oct-2015:Titchwell Marsh, Norfolk
23-Oct-2015:Cley Marshes, Norfolk
22-Oct-2015:Snettisham, Norfolk
27-Sep-2015:Otmoor, Oxon(26)
07-Sep-2015:Otmoor, Oxon(2)
07-Jun-2015:Aston Upthorpe Downs, Oxon(1)
01-Jun-2015:Otmoor, Oxon
10-May-2015:Otmoor, Oxon
27-Apr-2015:Otmoor, Oxon(50+)
09-Apr-2015:Otmoor, Oxon
22-Mar-2015:Otmoor, Oxon(50+)
22-Feb-2015:Otmoor, Oxon(300+)
11-Jan-2015:Otmoor, Oxon

29-Nov-2014:Otmoor, Oxon(200+)
20-Nov-2014:Port Meadow, Oxford, Oxon(50+)
01-Nov-2014:Otmoor, Oxon
19-Oct-2014:Otmoor, Oxon
28-Aug-2014:Otmoor, Oxon(100+)
03-Aug-2014:Otmoor, Oxon
01-Aug-2014:Leighton Moss, Lancashire
31-Jul-2014:Leighton Moss, Lancashire
02-Jul-2014:North Cave Wetlands, E. Yorkshire
30-Jun-2014:Tophill Low, E. Yorks(4)
25-May-2014:Otmoor, Oxon
17-Apr-2014:Otmoor, Oxon
09-Mar-2014:Otmoor, Oxon(1000+)
16-Feb-2014:Otmoor, Oxon(1000+)
19-Jan-2014:Otmoor, Oxon(1000+)

30-Nov-2013:Otmoor, Oxon
03-Nov-2013:Otmoor, Oxon(50+)
29-Oct-2013:Slimbridge, Glos
06-Oct-2013:Otmoor, Oxon
26-Jun-2013:Hickling Broad, Norfolk(c25)
24-Jun-2013:Titchwell Marsh, Norfolk(2)
22-Jun-2013:Otmoor, Oxon(20+)
25-May-2013:Otmoor, Oxon
12-May-2013:Aston Upthorpe Downs, Oxon
06-May-2013:Otmoor, Oxon
22-Apr-2013:Otmoor, Oxon
14-Apr-2013:Otmoor, Oxon
31-Mar-2013:Otmoor, Oxon
17-Feb-2013:Otmoor, Oxon(500+)
02-Feb-2013:Otmoor, Oxon
26-Jan-2013:Cholsey Marsh, Oxon(50+)
13-Jan-2013:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(15+)