Robin (Erithacus rubecula)
Robin (Erithacus rubecula). Taken at Otmoor, Oxon., on April 30th 2016.
Taken at Otmoor, Oxon., on April 30th 2016.
(1/640th sec at f14. Click image for larger version)
Juvenile Robin (Erithacus rubecula). Taken at Abingdon, Oxon., on June 18th 2016.
Juvenile. Taken at Abingdon, Oxon., on June 18th 2016.
(1/125th sec at f13. Click image for larger version)

© David Hastings


L: 12.5 - 14cm
The Robin, with its bright red breast, is familar throughout the year. Males and females look identical; young birds have no red breast and are spotted with golden brown.
It can be found throughout the British Isles.
Robons breed in woodlands, gardens, parks and forest edges.
Robins are aggressively territorial and are quick to drive away intruders. Northern European birds migrate to the British Isles in winter.
There are 5 million breeding territories in the UK.


13-Aug-2017:West Walton, Cambs(1)
28-Jan-2017:Radley Lakes, Oxon(2)
22-Jan-2017:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(6+)
21-Jan-2017:Standlake Common, Oxon(10+)
14-Jan-2017:Caulcott, Oxon(1)
05-Jan-2017:University Parks, Oxford, Oxon(3)
02-Jan-2017:Standlake Common, Oxon(4)
01-Jan-2017:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)

31-Dec-2016:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
28-Dec-2016:Otmoor, Oxon(4)
26-Dec-2016:Rushy Common, Oxon(3)
24-Dec-2016:Standlake Common, Oxon(4)
11-Dec-2016:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(1)
27-Nov-2016:Bagley Wood, Oxon(1)
13-Nov-2016:Otmoor, Oxon(3)
03-Nov-2016:Montejaque, Spain(1)
02-Nov-2016:Sierra De Las Nieves, Spain(3+)
15-Oct-2016:Allotment, Abingdon, Oxon(3)
18-Jun-2016:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(3)
30-Apr-2016:Otmoor, Oxon(3)
28-Mar-2016:Barton Fields, Abingdon, Oxon(2)
25-Mar-2016:Otmoor, Oxon(1)
13-Mar-2016:Otmoor, Oxon(2)
12-Mar-2016:Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon(4)
12-Mar-2016:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
06-Mar-2016:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(4)
05-Mar-2016:Allotment, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
14-Feb-2016:Allotment, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
31-Jan-2016:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
23-Jan-2016:Otmoor, Oxon(3)
16-Jan-2016:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
01-Jan-2016:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)

22-Nov-2015:Otmoor, Oxon(6)
08-Nov-2015:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
01-Nov-2015:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(2)
27-Sep-2015:Otmoor, Oxon(1)
06-Aug-2015:Marston Meadows, Oxon(1)
02-Aug-2015:Otmoor, Oxon(1)
24-Jul-2015:nr Kirilova polyana, Bulgaria
21-Jul-2015:Melnik, Bulgaria
26-Apr-2015:Allotment, Abingdon, Oxon(2)
09-Apr-2015:Otmoor, Oxon(1)
05-Apr-2015:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(2)
22-Mar-2015:Otmoor, Oxon(2)
18-Mar-2015:University Parks, Oxford, Oxon(2)
08-Mar-2015:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(2)
07-Mar-2015:Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon
22-Feb-2015:Otmoor, Oxon(1)
21-Feb-2015:Radley Lakes, Oxon(2+)
21-Feb-2015:Allotment, Abingdon, Oxon(2)
15-Feb-2015:Allotment, Abingdon, Oxon(2)
08-Feb-2015:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(2)
08-Feb-2015:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
01-Feb-2015:Otmoor, Oxon(2+)
17-Jan-2015:Radley Lakes, Oxon(2)
17-Jan-2015:Thrupp Lane, Radley, Oxon(2)
17-Jan-2015:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
11-Jan-2015:Otmoor, Oxon
02-Jan-2015:Thrupp Lane, Radley, Oxon(2)

13-Dec-2014:Radley Lakes, Oxon
06-Dec-2014:Lower Radley, Oxon(1)
03-Dec-2014:University Parks, Oxford, Oxon(2)
29-Nov-2014:Otmoor, Oxon(1)
28-Sep-2014:Radley Lakes, Oxon(2)
21-Sep-2014:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(2)
04-Sep-2014:Marston Meadows, Oxon(1)
12-Jul-2014:Homefield Wood, Bucks(1)
10-Jul-2014:Marston Meadows, Oxon(1)
23-Jun-2014:Trigrad Gorge, Bulgaria
15-May-2014:Burgess Field, Oxon(2)
15-May-2014:Allotment, Abingdon, Oxon(h)
11-May-2014:Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon(h)
07-May-2014:Poppit Sands, Pembrokeshire(2)
03-May-2014:Y Clywd, Ceredigion(1)
18-Apr-2014:Aston Rowant NNR, Oxon(1)
17-Apr-2014:Otmoor, Oxon(1)
12-Apr-2014:Allotment, Abingdon, Oxon(2)
06-Apr-2014:Allotment, Abingdon, Oxon(2h)
02-Apr-2014:Hinksey Lake, Oxford, Oxon(1)
30-Mar-2014:Allotment, Abingdon, Oxon(2)
30-Mar-2014:Radley Lakes, Oxon(1)
15-Mar-2014:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(1)
08-Mar-2014:Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon
01-Mar-2014:Allotment, Abingdon, Oxon(4)
01-Mar-2014:Thrupp Lane, Radley, Oxon(2)
22-Feb-2014:Allotment, Abingdon, Oxon(2)
20-Feb-2014:Marston Meadows, Oxon(1)
16-Feb-2014:Otmoor, Oxon(2)
02-Feb-2014:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(3)
25-Jan-2014:Abingdon Sewage Works, Oxon(2)
12-Jan-2014:Radley Lakes, Oxon(2)
11-Jan-2014:Allotment, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
11-Jan-2014:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
05-Jan-2014:Radley Lakes, Oxon(3)
02-Jan-2014:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(1)
02-Jan-2014:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)

29-Dec-2013:Radley Lakes, Oxon(6)
28-Dec-2013:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(2)
26-Dec-2013:Lower Radley, Oxon(1)
26-Dec-2013:Allotment, Abingdon, Oxon(2)
22-Dec-2013:Radley Lakes, Oxon(2)
15-Dec-2013:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(1)
07-Dec-2013:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(2)
30-Nov-2013:Otmoor, Oxon(2)
24-Nov-2013:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
23-Nov-2013:Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon(4)
17-Nov-2013:Allotment, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
20-Oct-2013:Bagley Wood, Oxon(1)
05-Oct-2013:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(1)
29-Sep-2013:Chimney Meadows, Oxon(1)
22-Sep-2013:Otmoor, Oxon(1)
20-Aug-2013:Allotment, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
04-Aug-2013:Bowdown Wood, Berks(1)
23-Apr-2013:Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon(2)
22-Apr-2013:Otmoor, Oxon(1)
20-Apr-2013:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(1)
14-Apr-2013:Otmoor, Oxon(1)
13-Apr-2013:Allotment, Abingdon, Oxon(2)
07-Apr-2013:Allotment, Abingdon, Oxon(2)
07-Apr-2013:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(1)
31-Mar-2013:Otmoor, Oxon(2)
14-Mar-2013:University Parks, Oxford, Oxon
23-Feb-2013:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
17-Feb-2013:Otmoor, Oxon
16-Feb-2013:Radley Lakes, Oxon(2)
16-Feb-2013:Allotment, Abingdon, Oxon(2)
02-Feb-2013:Otmoor, Oxon
18-Jan-2013:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(2)
13-Jan-2013:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon