Sedge Warbler (Acrocephalus schoenobaenus)
MaleSedge Warbler (Acrocephalus schoenobaenus). Taken at Otmoor, Oxon., on April 30th 2016.
Male. Taken at Otmoor, Oxon., on April 30th 2016. Click image for larger version.
(1/400th sec at f14)
Juvenile Sedge Warbler (Acrocephalus schoenobaenus). Taken at Farmoor, Oxon., on August 17th 2008.
Juvenile. Taken at Farmoor, Oxon., on August 17th 2008. Click image for larger version.
(1/400th sec at f10)

© David Hastings


L: 11.5 - 13 cm
The Sedge Warbler is a small bird with a striking broad creamy stripe above its eye, and greyish brown legs. It is brown above with blackish streaks and creamy white underneath.
It can be found throughout the British Isles in summer. It winters in sub-Saharan Africa.
It breeds in dense vegetation in damp or marshy areas, usually where there are reeds.
Males often sing from deep in dense vegetation, and can be hard to see.
There are about 290000 breeding territories in the UK.


30-May-2017:Otmoor, Oxon(2+)
06-May-2017:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(h)
02-May-2017:Barton Fields, Abingdon, Oxon(h)
01-May-2017:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(2)
29-Apr-2017:Otmoor, Oxon(6+)
13-Apr-2017:Otmoor, Oxon(4+h)

18-Sep-2016:Otmoor, Oxon(1)
14-May-2016:Otmoor, Oxon(2+)
06-May-2016:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(1)
04-May-2016:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(h)
30-Apr-2016:Otmoor, Oxon(10+)
17-Apr-2016:Otmoor, Oxon(3h)

21-Jun-2015:Otmoor, Oxon(1h)
01-Jun-2015:Otmoor, Oxon(1)
10-May-2015:Otmoor, Oxon(2+)
09-May-2015:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(2h)
04-May-2015:Cholsey Marsh, Oxon(2+)
28-Apr-2015:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(h)
27-Apr-2015:Otmoor, Oxon(2+)

14-Jun-2014:Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon(h)
08-Jun-2014:Parsonage Moor, Oxon(h)
08-Jun-2014:Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon(h)
01-Jun-2014:Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon(h)
25-May-2014:Otmoor, Oxon(2+)
25-May-2014:Bernwood Meadows, Bucks(1)
24-May-2014:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(h)
11-May-2014:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(h)
07-May-2014:Poppit Sands, Pembrokeshire(h)
27-Apr-2014:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(h)
17-Apr-2014:Otmoor, Oxon(6+)

25-Jun-2013:Catfield Fen, Norfolk(2)
22-Jun-2013:Otmoor, Oxon(1+)
25-May-2013:Otmoor, Oxon
25-May-2013:Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon(1+)
19-May-2013:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(1+)
18-May-2013:Whelford Pools, Glos
06-May-2013:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(1+)
06-May-2013:Otmoor, Oxon(1+)
03-May-2013:Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon
23-Apr-2013:Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon(1)
22-Apr-2013:Otmoor, Oxon(1)
20-Apr-2013:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(6)
20-Apr-2013:Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon(1)