Natural History Diary : July 2019
Wednesday 31st July
I had another trip to the south side of Aston Rowant NNR this afternoon. There was a fairly brisk westerly wind which was blowing across the whole site, and there wasn't a lot of sunshine. I had to go to the bottom of the western-facing slope (which was more sheltered) before I found my first Silver-spotted Skipper of the year. I found seven males and two females altogether, but they were hard to photograph as they mostly kept well down in the vegetation. Chalk Hill Blues and Meadow Browns were quite numerous. There were a few pretty worn Dark Green Fritillaries about, also some Gatekeepers, Small Heath, Common Blues, Small Skippers and Six-spot Burnets. I only saw one each of Ringlet and Marbled White.
Chalk Hill Blue ♂, Aston Rowant NNR, 31-Jul
Common Blue ♂, Aston Rowant NNR, 31-Jul
Silver-spotted Skipper ♀, Aston Rowant NNR, 31-Jul
Chalk Hill Blue ♂ | Aston Rowant Common Blue ♂ | Aston Rowant Silver-spotted Skipper ♀ | Aston Rowant
Monday 29th July
Six species of butterfly seen in the garden today: Gatekeeper, Peacock, Comma, Large White, Small White and Holly Blue. A Migrant Hawker was active overhead, but it never landed. There was a Common Blue at the allotment in the afternoon. A juvenile Blackbird was also in the garden briefly.
Sunday 28th July
I visited Farmoor in the late afternoon today. The most intersting bird present was what looked like a racing pigeon, with a yellow ring on one leg and a red one on the other. The number on the yellow ring was Z47 (may be a partial number). Otherwise it was the usual residents. There were lots of Coot, also Yellow-legged, Lesser Black-backed, Great Black-backed and Herring Gulls, one Little Egret and one Common Tern. Along the Pinkhill hedgeline I saw a Red Admiral, some Common Blue Damselflies, one Black-tailed Skimmer and two Green Woodpeckers (one adult and one juvenile).
Racing pigeon, Farmoor, 28-Jul
Little Egret, Farmoor, 28-Jul
Common Tern, Farmoor, 28-Jul
Racing pigeon | Farmoor Little Egret | Farmoor Common Tern | Farmoor
Friday 26th July
Considerably cooler today, with a lot more cloud. At the allotment I saw five Gatekeepers and two Small Whites. In the garden I saw three Gatekeepers, two Large Whites, two Small Whites, a Comma and a very small Holly Blue - it was the size of a Small Blue! Later in the afternoon I found a specimen of the parasitic fly Nowickia ferox in the garden. It spent some time feeding on Water Mint flowers.
Holly Blue ♂, Abingdon, 26-Jul
Nowickia ferox, Abingdon, 26-Jul
Holly Blue | Abingdon Nowickia ferox | Abingdon  
Thursday 25th July
A very hot day - around 35°C in the afternoon. At the allotment at 09:30 I saw six Gatekeepers, one Peacock, one Small Tortoiseshell, a Common Blue and two Small Whites. In the garden I saw three Gatekeepers, one Ringlet, one Peacock and one Holly Blue. The Peacock was still active at 20:30 when the temperature was in the high 20s.
Wednesday 24th July
Another hot and humid day. At the allotment I saw six Gatekeepers, one Peacock, one Small Tortoiseshell, one Essex Skipper and two Small Whites. In the garden I saw three Gatekeepers, two Large Whites and two Small Whites
Tuesday 23rd July
A pretty hot day - around 30°C in the afternoon. Even at 09:30 it was 22°C. At the allotment I saw seven Gatekeepers, two Peacocks and at least six Small Whites. In the garden I saw two Commas, one Red Admiral, two Gatekeepers, two Large Whites, two Small Whites and a Holly Blue. The RA, one of the Commas, a Large White and a Small White were all females, and were prospecting for suitable egg-laying plants in the garden.
Monday 22nd July
I took part in another butterfly survey on the MoD land at Otmoor this morning. It was mostly cloudy but pretty warm. A Red Admiral was taking liquids from a damp patch in the car park when I got there. The usual species were present in large number: Meadow Brown 300+, Gatekeeper 150+ and Marbled White 90+. The number of Ringlets seen was well down, although Peacocks were up. There were also some Essex Skippers which hadn't been there two weeks ago. There were numerous Ruddy Darter dragonflies (at least 100), one Brown Hawker, one Broad-bodied Chaser and a few damselflies. I found a female Roesel's Bush-cricket of the long-winged diluta form. There were a few moths about, of which a Common Wainscot was most notable. We saw four Curlew on the wing, presumably two adults and two juveniles. I spotted a Marsh Harrier flying low and slow above the field the Curlews had bred in. An interesting spectacle was watching a male Yellowhammer trying to catch grasshoppers; he wasn't very successful. As we walked back down the track to the car park, we spotted about seven Purple Hairstreaks all nectaring on brambles in the hedge.
Roesel's Bush-cricket f. diluta ♀, Otmoor, 22-Jul
Common Wainscot, Otmoor, 22-Jul
Purple Hairstreak, Otmoor, 22-Jul
Roesel's Bush-cricket ♀ | Otmoor Common Wainscot | Otmoor Purple Hairstreak | Otmoor
After a break I went to Bernwood Forest. The sun was out at 2pm and it was pretty hot. In 45 minutes I saw at least fifteen Silver-washed Fritillaries (but no valezina). A couple of female Brimstones were nectaring on Betony flowers. The most interesting observation was of at least ten Purple Hairstreaks at low level, many of them probing the track with their proboscis. None would open their wings, though.
I returned to Otmoor and walked along the old roman road. I couldn't find any Brown Hairstreaks but I saw at least seven Commas, four Peacocks, two Speckled Woods, two Purple Hairstreaks and one Red Admiral. There were many Ruddy Darters again, and two Southern Hawkers. A pair of Blackcaps chided me for getting too close to them. A deerfly with bright green eyes tried to come home with me, but I evicted it from the car.
Brimstone ♀, Otmoor, 22-Jul
Meadow Brown ♀, Otmoor, 22-Jul
Comma, Otmoor, 22-Jul
Purple Hairstreak | Otmoor Meadow Brown | Otmoor Comma | Otmoor
Sunday 21st July
A mostly cloudy day, with a noticeable SW wind (not what was forecast). I headed to Aston Rowant NNR anyway, hoping conditions would improve. Bald Hill was looking splendid, absolutely covered with flowers. Despite the conditions I saw good numbers of Gatekeeper, Small Heath, Marbled White and Meadow Brown. There were several Dark Green Fritillaries about; most were faded males, but there were a couple of females in better condition. I saw five male Chalk Hill Blues, a pristine Peacock and a female Common Blue. But there was no sign of any Silver-spotted Skippers. I inspected some thistles and found a small Painted Lady larva on each one. A non-butterfly invert I spotted was a Kite-tailed Robberfly. A family party of five Ravens flew over.
Chalk Hill Blue ♂, Aston Rowant NNR, 21-Jul
Peacock, Aston Rowant NNR, 21-Jul
Kite-tailed Robberfly, Aston Rowant NNR, 21-Jul
Chalk Hill Blue ♂ | Aston Rowant NNR Peacock | Aston Rowant NNR Kite-tailed Robberfly | Aston Rowant NNR
I relocated to Watlington Hill. Species seen here were pretty much the same as at Bald Hill. I saw two Silver-washed Fritillaries, about ten Dark Green Fritillaries, one Painted Lady, three Speckled Woods and two male Common Blues. Still no Silver-spotted Skippers!
Dark Green Fritillary ♀, Aston Rowant NNR, 21-Jul
Speckled Wood ♀, Watlington Hill, 21-Jul
Common Blue ♂, Watlington Hill, 21-Jul
Dark Green Fritillary ♀ | Aston Rowant NNR Speckled Wood ♀ | Watlington Hill Common Blue ♂ | Watlington Hill
Saturday 20th July
I found an Elephant Hawk-moth sitting on lavender flowers in Eynsham today. In my garden in Abingdon there were two male Gatekeepers and a female Large White. I also saw a probable Migrant Hawker flying over the garden.
Gatekeeper ♂, Abingdon, 20-Jul
Large White ♀, Abingdon, 20-Jul
Gatekeeper ♂ | Abingdon Large White ♀ | Abingdon  
Thursday 18th July
Garden sightings today were two Gatekeepers, two Small Whites, two Large Whites and a Comma. At the allotment I saw two Gatekeepers, one Peacock, one Small Tortoiseshell and two Essex Skippers.
Wednesday 17th July
There were five Gatekeepers, two Commas and a Peacock nectaring on majoram flowers at the allotment this morning. In the evening I found another Old Lady moth in the garden - perched on the back door.
Old Lady, Abingdon, 17-Jul
Old Lady | Abingdon    
Tuesday 16th July
I visited Bucknell Wood near Silverstone this morning. It was fine and sunny. I usually visit this wood in the spring so I was interested to see what it was like in high summer. The secondary aim was to find and photograph a valezina Silver-washed Fritillary. The first question was answered easily - it's great! Unlike Bernwood there was lots of bramble up both sides of the ride from the car park, and this was well patronised by Ringlets, Meadow Browns, White Admirals, Silver-washed Fritillaries, Large Skippers and whites. There were several Purple Hairstreaks active in the oak trees, and I found one lower down in the vegetation. There were several Red Admirals, Commas, Peacocks and Gatekeepers about as well. When I got to the crossroads I was surprised to see a Wood White fluttering about in the vegetation, and I found a second one later. I found a few dragonflies here: one Brown Hawker, one Southern Hawker, one Emperor Dragonfly, one Common Darter and one Beautiful Demoiselle. After two hours I'd seen thirty-five Silver-washed Fritillaries, but no valezina females.
White Admiral, Bucknell Wood, 16-Jul
Purple Hairstreak, Bucknell Wood, 16-Jul
Wood White, Bucknell Wood, 16-Jul
White Admiral | Bucknell Wood Purple Hairstreak | Bucknell Wood Wood White | Bucknell Wood
I headed back home, but stopped at Ardley Quarry for lunch. There was a lot of activity in the field adjacent to the reserve. Thistles were popular, with Marbled Whites, Meadow Browns, Small Tortoiseshells, Essex Skippers and Small Skippers all feeding avidly. Brambles were preferred by Red Admirals. Inside the reserve I was pleased to see a Clouded Yellow, my first of the year. As usual it didn't stop but flew up over the trees and away. I also saw a Painted Lady. Back in the field a Dark Green Fritillary kept harassing smaller butterflies, and a Brown Argus was being very territorial. By 2pm it was too hot, so I returned home.
Comma, Bucknell Wood, 16-Jul
Essex Skipper ♂, Ardley Quarry, 16-Jul
Brown Argus ♂, Ardley Quarry, 16-Jul
Comma | Bucknell Wood Essex Skipper ♂ | Ardley Quarry Brown Argus ♂ | Ardley Quarry
Monday 15th July
Cloudy again in the morning, but the sun eventually came out, so I headed over to Lardon Chase in the afternoon. The most unexpected sighting was of a Purple Emperor, which flew up the slope and disappeared behind the trees at the top. Not sure where that had come from! Today's target species was the Chalk Hill Blue, and I counted at least eighty males in about an hour, including five who were feasting on some animal excrement. I also saw ten Peacocks, five Brimstones, ten Gatekeepers and a dozen Marbled Whites. There were a few Common Blues, two Small Coppers and one Brown Argus, but no Small Blues. No Small Heaths either, but Meadow Browns were numerous; most were looking rather faded.
Chalk Hill Blue ♂, Lardon Chase, 15-Jul
Chalk Hill Blue ♂, Lardon Chase, 15-Jul
Peacock, Lardon Chase, 15-Jul
Chalk Hill Blue ♂ | Lardon Chase Chalk Hill Blue ♂ | Lardon Chase Peacock | Lardon Chase
Sunday 14th July
Mostly cloudy again today, but a couple of Gatekeepers were active in the garden when the sun did come out.
Saturday 13th July
Another mostly cloudy day. However there was still quite a lot of activity at the allotment. I saw at least six Essex Skippers and five Gatekeepers. In the garden I saw a Meadow Brown, two Gatekeepers, a Holly Blue and a Hornet Hoverfly.
Hornet Hoverfly, Abingdon, 13-Jul
Hornet Hoverfly | Abingdon    
Friday 12th July
Another trip to Bernwood Forest this morning. I was rewarded by having a grounded Purple Emperor all to myself in the car park! It didn't hang around for long, though. The next two hours were spent looking for more, but only one was seen flying around the tree tops. Otherwise, species were much the same as last time, with the addition of a summer-brood Peacock and a summer-brood Brimstone. I had a great view of a pristine valezina Silver-washed Fritillary, but if flew off before I could get a picture. I saw my first Southern Hawker of the year here.
I headed to Whitecross Green Wood, where I saw another Purple Emperor flying round a sallow on the main east-west ride. Species here were pretty much the same as at Bernwood, with the addition of a rather worn Dark Green Fritillary. There were at least five Emperor Dragonflies about, as well as four Brown Hawkers and two Southern Hawkers. I also saw my first Silver Y of the year.
Back at home there were two Gatekeepers in the garden (male and female), and a Holly Blue.
Purple Emperor ♂, Bernwood Forest, 12-Jul
Silver-washed Fritillary ♀, Bernwood Forest, 12-Jul
Dark Green Fritillary ♂, Whitecross Green Wood, 12-Jul
Purple Emperor ♂ | Bernwood Forest Silver-washed Fritillary ♀ | Bernwood Forest Dark Green Fritillary ♂ | Whitecross Green Wood
Southern Hawker imm. ♂, Whitecross Green Wood, 12-Jul
Emperor Dragonfly imm. ♂, Whitecross Green Wood, 12-Jul
Gatekeeper ♀, Abingdon, 12-Jul
Southern Hawker imm. ♂ | Whitecross Green Wood Emperor Dragonfly imm. ♂ | Whitecross Green Wood Gatekeeper ♀ | Abingdon
Thursday 11th July
A visit to the allotment around mid-day today didn't turn up anything new, except that a Comma was nectaring on marjoram flowers. In the garden I saw a Red Admiral and a Gatekeeper.
In the afternoon I visited Orchard Lake, mainly looking for dragonflies. I saw a Comma, some Meadow Browns and Common Blue Damselflies as I walked along the cycle track. I spotted a Variable Longhorn Beetle on a mophead. A fresh male Brimstone tried to hide in the vegetation. At the lake shore I saw several Ruddy Darters and Black-tailed Skimmers; both species were numerous. There were also a few Red-eyed Damselflies and a Red Admiral there.
Variable Longhorn Beetle, Radley Lakes, 11-Jul
Brimstone ♂, Radley Lakes, 11-Jul
Ruddy Darter ♂, Radley Lakes, 11-Jul
Variable Longhorn Beetle | Radley Lakes Brimstone ♂ | Radley Lakes Ruddy Darter ♂ | Radley Lakes
I walked slowly along the bank, and eventually I spotted a female Common Spreadwing and then a male. I saw five altogether. There were lots of Blue-tailed Damselflies here, with some pairs in cop. An Emperor Dragonfly was patrolling over the reed bed. I only found one macro-moth, which was a Shaded Broad-bar
Common Spreadwing ♀, Radley Lakes, 11-Jul
Common Spreadwing ♂, Radley Lakes, 11-Jul
Shaded Broad-bar, Radley Lakes, 11-Jul
Common Spreadwing ♀ | Radley Lakes Common Spreadwing ♂ | Radley Lakes Shaded Broad-bar | Radley Lakes
A bit further on I found a Black-tailed Skimmer perched on a reed stem, which isn't something they usually do. There were more Red-eyed Damselflies here, but they were quite wary. A couple of Four-spotted Chasers were patrolling the bank, and occasionally clashing with each other. I spotted my first summer-brood Peacock, but it was quite hard to approach. I was surprised to see what looked like a fairly large Common Carp in the shallows. It swam slowly around for a while, before disappearing back into the (relative) depths. I spotted a shoal of small Perch as well. I walked back along the track, where a number of Black-tailed Skimmers were basking, but they were hard to approach. There were quite a few Gatekeepers fluttering around the vegetation. Back at the beach I saw a group of three Small Whites and one Green-veined White mud-puddling (which shows how dry it is at the moment). As I got back to the cycle track I saw a Brown Hawker (earlier I'd found a Brown Hawker exuvia).
After dark I found an Old Lady moth in the garden.
Black-tailed Skimmer ♂, Radley Lakes, 11-Jul
Peacock, Radley Lakes, 11-Jul
Mud-puddling Whites, Radley Lakes, 11-Jul
Black-tailed Skimmer ♂ | Radley Lakes Peacock | Radley Lakes Mud-puddling Whites | Radley Lakes
Wednesday 10th July
A sunnier day than yesterday, with more of a breeze. I led an Abingdon Naturalists field trip to Aston Upthorpe Downs. On arrival there were several birds near the garin drier: Swallows, a pair of Pied Wagtails that were nesting inside the building, three Goldfinches and two Chiffchaffs. A Whitethroat was singing. There were some butterflies in the area east of the track: Large White, Meadow Brown, Large Skipper, Small Tortoiseshell and Comma. The recovery of the area that was devastated last year was amazing! There were masses of thistles, knapweeds and other nectar sources. At the start of this area a fresh-looking Red Admiral was seen, the first of at least six. As we continued towards Juniper Valley we saw Ringlets, Small Whites, Marbled Whites, Small Skippers, Small Heath and Gatekeeper There were at least six pretty faded Painted Ladies, mostly feeding on knapweeds. I saw one PL lay an egg on a thistle. There wasn't a lot in Juniper Valley apart from Meadow Browns and Marbled Whites, but I saw at least three Dark Green Fritillaries (flying very fast as per usual), three second-brood Common Blues, two Brimstones and a Brown Argus (but no Chalk Hill Blues). There weren't many moths; all I saw were three Cinnabar adults, and there were larvae on some Ragwort plants. I saw a Brown Hawker as we were walking back to the grain drier.
Later at the allotment I saw at least eleven Essex Skippers, three Small Tortoiseshells, Large and Small Whites, and some Marbled Whites. The most surprising sighting was on a Green-veined White taking liquid from the ground where I'd been watering.
Common Blue ♂, Aston Upthorpe Downs, 10-Jul
Essex Skipper ♀, Abingdon, 10-Jul
Green-veined White, Abingdon, 10-Jul
Common Blue ♂ | Aston Upthorpe Downs Essex Skipper ♀ | Abingdon Green-veined White | Abingdon
Tuesday 9th July
Another mostly cloudy day, with little sunshine. However there was some butterfly activity at the allotment: I saw two Small Tortoiseshells, two Essex Skippers, two Small Whites and a Ringlet. Later I saw my first garden Gatekeeper of the year, and another Holly Blue.
Monday 8th July
A mostly cloudy and warm day. I took part in the latest survey on the MoD land at Otmoor. Marbled Whites were present in huge numbers - probably over 400. Meadow Browns and Ringlets were also numerous, both easily into three figures. There were quite a few Large Skippers and Small Skippers, around sixteen Purple Hairstreaks, four Large Whites, three Gatekeeper, three Comma, and singletons of Red Admiral, Painted Lady, Small Copper and Green-veined Whites. The most surprising sighting was of a very late Black Hairstreak. Macro moths seen were a Yellow-tail and a worn Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet. Dragonflies were four Brown Hawkers, around twenty Ruddy Darters (some in full adult colours) and one male Beautiful Demoiselle. An interesting sighting was of a group of four Roesel's Bush Crickets. The pair of Curlew also put in an appearance.
Meadow Brown ♀, Otmoor, 08-Jul
Ringlet, Otmoor, 08-Jul
Black Hairstreak ♀, Otmoor, 08-Jul
Meadow Brown ♀ | Otmoor Ringlet | Otmoor Black Hairstreak ♀ | Otmoor
Large Skippers, Otmoor, 08-Jul
Roesel's Bush-cricket ♂, Otmoor, 08-Jul
Painted Lady ♀, Bernwood Forest, 08-Jul
Large Skippers | Otmoor Roesel's Bush-cricket ♂ | Otmoor Painted Lady ♀ | Bernwood Forest
I relocated to Bernwood Forest. Most of the action was down by the meadows, where a rather worn female Painted Lady was busy laying eggs on thistles. Again there were lots of Marbled Whites, Meadow Browns and Ringlets. I saw three Purple Hairstreaks, two White Admirals, around a dozen Silver-washed Fritillaries, a pristine Red Admiral, and eventually a Purple Emperor. As last week, HIM didn't oblige by coming down to the ground. The third stop of the day was at Bernwood Meadows, which were alive with butterflies. Apart from the grassland species I saw one Purple Hairstreak, three Small Skippers, thirteen Silver-washed Fritillaries (including a pair in cop), and two Commas.
At home in the garden I saw a Large White, a Red Admiral and my first summer brood Holly Blue.
Small Skipper ♂, Bernwood Meadows, 08-Jul
Silver-washed Fritillary ♂, Bernwood Meadows, 08-Jul
Comma, Bernwood Meadows, 08-Jul
Small Skipper ♀ | Bernwood Meadows Silver-washed Fritillary ♂ | Bernwood Meadows Comma | Bernwood Meadows
Sunday 7th July
After a cloudy morning the sun came out this afternoon. I spent longer than usual looking for butterflies at the allotment, and found my first Gatekeepers of the year. I also saw at least six Essex Skippers, two Large Skippers, ten Small Tortoiseshells, at least six Small Whites, one Comma, one Ringlet and ten Marbled Whites. When I got home I found a Small Tortoiseshell and a Red Admiral nectaring oh Hebe flowers. In the evening at least a dozen Swifts were flying around near my house.
Gatekeeper ♂, Abingdon, 07-Jul
Small Tortoiseshell, Abingdon, 07-Jul
Essex Skipper ♂, Abingdon, 07-Jul
Gatekeeper ♂ | Abingdon Small Tortoiseshell | Abingdon Essex Skipper ♂ | Abingdon
Saturday 6th July
A cloudy day, which didn't do much for butterflies. I saw two Essex Skippers and two Small Whites at the allotment in the morning. There is still no sign of any Gatekeepers.
Friday 5th July
A female Green-veined White was inspecting egg-laying plants in the garden this afternoon. In the evening I saw one Essex Skipper and three Meadow Browns at the allotment.
Thursday 4th July
I went to Bernwood again. It was much sunnier than yesterday. I got there early enough to see some Purple Hairstreaks coming down to the ground to imbibe dew. Species were much the same as yesterday, except that I saw a Speckled Wood and a Comma. The White Admiral count went up to four. Purple Emperors remained elusive; I had a brief glimpse of one oak-edging the car park oaks. There weren't many birds about but I did spot a Marsh Tit foraging in one of the oaks. A female Beautiful Demoiselle also put in an appearance.
After an unexpected diversion to Eynsham, I visited Dry Sandford Pit and Parsonage Moor on the way home. I looked for White-letter Hairstreaks at the pit, but again couldn't find any. There were quite a few Ringlets and Marbled Whites and Meadow Browns about, plus at least four Commas and a Small Heath. On the dragonfly front I saw a Brown Hawker, a Broad-bodied Chaser and five Keeled Skimmers (one was obelisking; I'd never seen a Keeled Skimmer doing this before).
I walked down the footpath to Parsonage Moor. On entering the reserve I flushed two juvenile Song Thrushes, and saw a female Pheasant with at least two youngsters in tow. Near the end of the boardwalk four female Broad-bodied Chasers were perched in the reeds. I disturbed six Small Whites which were mud-puddling. Along the small stream I saw five Southern Damselflies, one female Small Red Damselfly (but no males), and at least six Keeled Skimmers (including one pair in cop).
Purple Hairstreak ♂, Bernwood Forest, 04-Jul
Keeled Skimmer ♂, Dry Sandford Pit, 04-Jul
Small Red Damselfly ♀, Parsonage Moor, 04-Jul
Purple Hairstreak ♂ | Bernwood Forest Keeled Skimmer ♂ | Dry Sandford Pit Small Red Damselfly ♀ | Parsonage Moor
Wednesday 3rd July
I visited Bernwood again today. Bramble flowers were in demand from a White Admiral, lots of Silver-washed Fritillaries, Meadow Browns, Ringlets and Large Skippers. There was quite a lot of cloud, so activity was in fits and starts. I saw my first second-brood Green-veined White of the year, three Purple Hairstreaks, two Small Skippers and three Six-spot Burnets. Finally, at 11:45am, a Purple Emperor descended to the track near the car park, but it didn't hang around for long.
In the garden I saw a Comma, two Large Whites and a Red Admiral. In the evening I saw two Essex Skippers, a Comma and a Scarlet Tiger at the allotment.
Silver-washed Fritillary ♂, Bernwood Forest, 03-Jul
Silver-washed Fritillary ♀, Bernwood Forest, 03-Jul
White Admiral, Bernwood Forest, 03-Jul
Silver-washed Fritillary ♂ | Bernwood Forest Silver-washed Fritillary ♀ | Bernwood Forest White Admiral ♂ | Bernwood Forest
Six-spot Burnet, Bernwood Forest, 03-Jul
Small Skipper ♂, Bernwood Forest, 03-Jul
Essex Skipper, Abingdon, 03-Jul
Six-spot Burnet | Bernwood Forest Small Skipper ♂ | Bernwood Forest Essex Skipper ♂ | Abingdon
Tuesday 2nd July
Sightings today were one Small Tortoiseshell in the garden, a Hummingbird-Hawkmoth in Eynsham, and two Small Tortoiseshells at the allotment.