Natural History Diary : November 2019
Sunday 10th November
I went for a walk at Lower Radley this afternoon. There wasn't a great deal about. The highlights were two Red Kites, a Buzzard, a Green Woodpecker, two Redwing and six Fieldfares.
Red Kite, Lower Radley, 19-Nov
Red Kite | Lower Radley    
Thursday 7th November
There were two Coal Tits in the garden this morning. After doing a couple of jobs I went to Standlake Common. There wasn't much to see on the first part of the walk down Shifford Lane, but after the crossroads I spotted a pair of Bullfinches, heard a Great Spotted Woodpecker , and got a few glimpses of Redwings. There wasn't much on pit 27 either, but a Peregrine flew across with something in its talons. On pit 28 there were more Red-crested Pochard than I'd ever seen in one place before; I counted at least 130 of them. There were also seven male Pochard here. The water level on pit 60 was very high. The usual ducks seemed to be missing - I only saw Wigeon and Mallard. I spotted a Little Grebe on the north shore which was trying to stay out of the wind. On the way back to the car I saw three female Goldeneye and two red-head Goosander on pit 27. Finally, Red Admiral was sunning itself high in the hedge.
I had a quick visit to Northmoor churchyard. There were lots of Blue and Great Tits feeding in the yew trees, also also some Fieldfares and Redwing.
Bullfinch ♂, Standlake, 07-Nov
Red-crested Pochard, Standlake, 07-Nov
Red Admiral, Standlake, 07-Nov
Bullfinch ♂ | Standlake Red-crested Pochard | Standlake Red Admiral | Standlake
Monday 4th November
The Coal Tit was in the garden again during the early afternoon today. It made several visits to the feeder, each time dashing off to eat its chosen sunflower seed in a bush.
Coal Tit, Abingdon, 04-Nov
Coal Tit | Abingdon    
Sunday 3rd November
I visited Farmoor this afternoon. There wasn't much of note as I walked across he causeway. I spotted a Little Egret on the north shore of F1. In the NW corner of F2 five Little Grebes were bathing. I walked along the west bank of F1, and almost immediately spotted the female Scaup which had been found earlier in the day. It kept its head tucked under its wing most of the time I was watching it, which made it hard to see the white blaze. A little further along I re-found the leucistic Coot which I'd last seen in September. It was still being largely ignored by the normal Coots. Retracing my steps a bit, I spotted a male Goldeneye amongst the Tufted Ducks. After it had spent some time preening it came closer in and started diving for food. I spotted a Ringed Plover flying low and fast over the water. It flew over the causeway and I didn't see it again. I walked along the river from Pinkhill to Shrike Meadow, and spent a few minutes in the hide, but didn't see anything. Back up on the causeway a pair of Grey Wagtails were active. The gull roost was quite large, and contained mostly Black-headed Gulls, but there was a large number of Lesser Black-backed Gulls as well.
Scaup ♀, Farmoor, 03-Nov
Goldeneye ♂, Farmoor, 03-Nov
Grey Wagtail, Farmoor, 03-Nov
Scaup ♀ | Farmoor Goldeneye ♂ | Farmoor Grey Wagtail | Farmoor