Zeller's Skipper (Borbo borbonica)

Taken at La Janda, Spain, on November 6th 2016.
(1/640th sec at f14. Approx 3.5x lifesize. © David Hastings)


Wing span: 28 - 30 mm

A fairly large dark-brown skipper with silvery-white spots on the forewing.

It is found in southern Spain and Gibraltar, but was only re-discovered in this area in 2011.

Breeding habitat is sandy or rocky places with bushes neat the coast.

There are several broods from June to November.

Larvae feed on grasses such as Sorghum and Leersia in N Africa.

Adults were observed feeding on Squirting Cucumber flowers in La Janda, Spain, in 2016.

Adults warm up in the early morning, initially with wings closed and perpendicular to the sun. This is followed by a period of feeding, followed by mating, and by around mid-day activity drops suddenly to almost nothing.


06-Nov-2016 : La Janda, Spain (6+)