Balkan Green-veined White (Pieris balcana)

Male. Taken at Velebits National Park, Croatia, on June 10th 2017.
(1/640th sec at f14. Approx 3x lifesize. © David Hastings)


Wing span: 40 - 52 mm

This is sometimes regarded as as subspecies of P. napi; it is similar but the underside hindwing veins are less well defined.

Endemic to the Balkans; only recorded from Croatia and Macedonia, SW Bulgaria and N Greece.

It is found in mountain ranges near woodlands, up to 2100m, in typical P. napi habitats.

There are two or three broods per year from April to October.

Larval foodplants are various crucifers.


10-Jun-2017 : Velebits National Park, Croatia
08-Jun-2017 : Paklenica National Park, Croatia
21-Jul-2015 : nr Petrovo, Bulgaria