Southern Small White (Pieris mannii)

Taken in the Paklenica National Park, Croatia, on June 8th 2017.
(1/500th sec at f14. Approx 2.5x lifesize. © David Hastings)


Wing span: 40-46 mm

Similar to the Small White, but the black apical patch on the forewing extends as far along the outer margin as along the costa.

It is widespread in southern France, Italy and the Balkans.

It is found in dry scrubland, open woodland and rocky slopes up to 2000m.

There are between two and four generations between March and October.

The caterpillars feed on candytufts (Iberis sempervirens and I. saxatilis).


25-Jul-2018 : Vercors Natural Park, France
23-Jul-2018 : Vercors Natural Park, France

08-Jun-2017 : Paklenica National Park, Croatia
21-Jul-2015 : nr Petrovo, Bulgaria