Higgin's Anomalous Blue (Polyommatus nephohiptamenos)

Taken at Papaz Tchair, Bulgaria, on July 23rd 2015.
(1/640th sec at f14. Approx 3x lifesize)

© David Hastings


Wing span: 29 - 36 mm
The underside of this species is pale grey with a white stripe on the hindwing, which broadens to the outer margin.
It has a very restricted range in the higher mountains of NE Greece and SW Bulgaria. It is endemic to Europe.
It can be found in calcareous grassy mountain slopes between 1400 and 2100m.
There is one brood in July/August.
Its larvae feed on sainfoins (Onobrychis alba, O. montana).


23-Jul-2015:Papaz Tchair, Bulgaria