Sloe Hairstreak (Satyrium acaciae)

Taken in Bulgaria on June 18th 2014.
(1/125th sec at f11. Approx 3x lifesize. © David Hastings)


Wing span: 30 - 35mm

The Sloe Hairstreak has a pale grey-brown underside, a rather straight white streak and a grey spot and black dot near the short tail. Its upper surfaces are never seen at rest. The sexes are similar.

It is widely distributed and locally common in S and C Europe (except Portugal and the Mediterranean islands).

Typical habitats are abandoned vineyards, open woodland, scrub, bushy hillsides and open rocky slopes up to 2300m.

There is one generation per year, from late May to early August.

Larvae feed on Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa).


20-Jul-2018 : Vercors Natural Park, France

09-Jun-2017 : Paklenica National Park, Croatia
05-Jun-2017 : Goranje Taboriste, Croatia
22-Jun-2014 : Plazishte, Bulgaria
21-Jun-2014 : Byal gradets, Bulgaria
20-Jun-2014 : Golobradovo, Bulgaria
19-Jun-2014 : Novo Zhelezare, Bulgaria
18-Jun-2014 : nr Mirkovo, Bulgaria