Migrant Hawker (Aeshna mixta)
Male Migrant Hawker (Aeshna mixta). Taken at Radley Lakes, Oxon on September 12th 2015. Approx 2.75x lifesize.
Male. Taken at Radley Lakes, Oxon on September 12th 2015. Click image for larger version.
(1/160th sec at f18. Approx 1.5x life size)
Immature male Migrant Hawker (Aeshna mixta). Taken at Abingdon, Oxon on August 9th 2009. Approx 2.75x lifesize.
Immature male. Taken at Abingdon, Oxon on August 9th 2009. Click image for larger version.
(1/125th sec at f10. Approx 1.5x life size)
Male Migrant Hawker (Aeshna mixta). Taken at Farmoor, Oxon. Approx 2.75x lifesize.
Male in flight. Taken at Farmoor, Oxon., on August 31st 2014. Click image for larger version.
(1/500th sec at f13. Approx 1.5x lifesize.)
Female Migrant Hawker (Aeshna mixta). Taken at Otmoor, Oxon. Approx 2.75x lifesize.
Female. Taken at Otmoor, Oxon., on August 28th 2014. Click image for larger version.
(1/200th sec at f11. Approx 1.5x life size)
Female Migrant Hawker (Aeshna mixta). Taken at Otmoor, Oxon. Approx 2.75x lifesize.
Female. Taken at Otmoor, Oxon., on October 28th 2011. Click image for larger version.
(1/160th sec at f13. Approx 1.5x life size)
Migrant Hawkers in cop (Aeshna mixta). Taken at Otmoor, Oxon, on October 6th 2012. Approx 2x lifesize.
Pair in cop. Taken at Otmoor, Oxon, on October 6th 2012. Click image for larger version.
(1/400th sec at f13. Approx 1x lifesize.)

© David Hastings


Wingspan: 74 - 84mm; Body length: 56 - 64mm
A small Hawker, not aggressive towards other individuals and occasionally seen in large feeding swarms. The costa is brown and there is a "golf-tee" shaped, yellow mark on the second segment. The male looks quite dark with blue, paired spots along the abdomen. The male's pale yellow ante-humerals are indistinct and short, and its eyes are blue. The female is brown with similar markings to the male but the spots are smaller and often yellow, occasionally blue. The ante-humerals are insignificant or absent and eyes are brownish.
This species is found mainly in England south of a line betwen the Humber and the Ribble. There are some outposts further north, and also in Wales and Ireland. It is also a regular migrant from the continent.
It breeds in a wide variety of still and slow-flowing waters with vegetation such as reeds. It avoids acidic water but tolerates brackish conditions.
Eggs are laid into aquatic vegetation, often above the waterline, and hatch the following spring. Larval development is rapid, and adults emerge a few months later. The main flight period is August to October, but individuals can persist well into November.
Males often fly low over the water in some numbers, hovering frequently and investigating marginal vegetation for females. Both sexes often perch or hawk in hedgerows or woodland rides well away from water.
A locally common species.


12-Oct-2017:Cley Marshes, Norfolk(1)
11-Oct-2017:Holkham NNR, Norfolk(1)
09-Oct-2017:Titchwell Marsh, Norfolk(2)
03-Oct-2017:Otmoor, Oxon(4)
28-Sep-2017:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
20-Sep-2017:Radipole Lake, Dorset(8)
18-Sep-2017:Lodmoor, Dorset(4)
12-Sep-2017:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(3)
02-Sep-2017:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
31-Aug-2017:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(6)
29-Aug-2017:Lollingdon Hill, Oxon(1)
27-Aug-2017:Standlake Common, Oxon(1)
27-Aug-2017:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
26-Aug-2017:Otmoor, Oxon(2)
20-Aug-2017:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(2)
16-Aug-2017:Whitecross Green Wood, Oxon(6)
15-Aug-2017:Whitecross Green Wood, Oxon(20+)
12-Aug-2017:Dersingham Bog, Norfolk(10+)
11-Aug-2017:Bucknell Wood, Northants(3)
07-Aug-2017:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
06-Aug-2017:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
06-Aug-2017:Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon(2)
06-Aug-2017:Cothill Fen, Oxon(1)
03-Aug-2017:Whitecross Green Wood, Oxon(1)
03-Aug-2017:Otmoor, Oxon(2)
19-Jul-2017:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
18-Jul-2017:Fence Wood, Berks(1)

07-Nov-2016:Playa de Bolonia, Spain(1)
06-Nov-2016:La Janda, Spain(1)
05-Nov-2016:Playa de Los Lances, Spain(1)
03-Nov-2016:Montejaque, Spain(1)
23-Oct-2016:Otmoor, Oxon(1)
09-Oct-2016:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
02-Oct-2016:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(2)
22-Sep-2016:Marston Meadows, Oxon(1)
18-Sep-2016:Otmoor, Oxon(5+)
11-Sep-2016:Otmoor, Oxon(5)
04-Sep-2016:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(1m)
14-Aug-2016:Whitecross Green Wood, Oxon(10+)
14-Aug-2016:Otmoor, Oxon(1)
13-Aug-2016:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
12-Aug-2016:Marston Meadows, Oxon(3)
07-Aug-2016:Otmoor, Oxon(1)
07-Aug-2016:Cothill Fen, Oxon(2)
06-Aug-2016:Fence Wood, Berks(3)

23-Oct-2015:Cley Marshes, Norfolk(1)
01-Oct-2015:University Parks, Oxford, Oxon(1m)
27-Sep-2015:Otmoor, Oxon(1)
19-Sep-2015:Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon(1)
13-Sep-2015:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(1m)
12-Sep-2015:Radley Lakes, Oxon(7)
07-Sep-2015:Otmoor, Oxon(1m)
06-Sep-2015:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(3m,1f)
22-Aug-2015:Aston Rowant NNR, Oxon(1)
21-Aug-2015:Marston Meadows, Oxon(1)
12-Aug-2015:University Parks, Oxford, Oxon(1)

19-Oct-2014:Otmoor, Oxon(3+)
28-Sep-2014:Radley Lakes, Oxon(9+)
21-Sep-2014:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(10+)
14-Sep-2014:Otmoor, Oxon(2)
13-Sep-2014:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(10)
04-Sep-2014:Marston Meadows, Oxon(1)
31-Aug-2014:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
31-Aug-2014:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(8+)
28-Aug-2014:Otmoor, Oxon(25+)
24-Aug-2014:Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon(1m)
24-Aug-2014:Cothill Fen, Oxon(1m)
20-Aug-2014:University Parks, Oxford, Oxon(1)
03-Aug-2014:Otmoor, Oxon(1)
31-Jul-2014:Gait Barrows NNR, Lancashire(1)
31-Jul-2014:Myers Allotment, Lancashire(1)
29-Jul-2014:Challan Hall, Lancashire(1)
22-Jul-2014:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
20-Jul-2014:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
15-Jul-2014:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)

03-Nov-2013:Otmoor, Oxon(1m)
06-Oct-2013:Otmoor, Oxon(7+)
05-Oct-2013:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(2)
29-Sep-2013:Chimney Meadows, Oxon(1m)
22-Sep-2013:Otmoor, Oxon(10+)
21-Sep-2013:Radley Lakes, Oxon(1+)
08-Sep-2013:Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon(2m)
31-Aug-2013:Aston Rowant NNR, Oxon(2)
26-Aug-2013:Otmoor, Oxon(8)
24-Aug-2013:Radley Lakes, Oxon(1)
10-Aug-2013:Whitecross Green Wood, Oxon(20+)
10-Aug-2013:Garden, Abingdon, Oxon(1)
04-Aug-2013:Bowdown Wood, Berks(1)
28-Jul-2013:Whitecross Green Wood, Oxon(3)
13-Jul-2013:Bernwood Forest, Bucks(3+)