Chasers, Skimmers & Darters (Libellulidae)
The Libellulidae family is the largest dragonfly family in the world, containing over 1000 species. With nearly worldwide distribution, these are almost certainly the most often seen of all dragonflies.
There are eleven genera in the Libellulidae family in Europe. They are Libellula (4 species), Orthetrum (9 species), Leucorrhinia (5 species), Sympetrum (11 species), Crocothemis (1 species), Trithemis (2 species), Brachythemis (2 species), Diplacodes (1 species), Selysiothemis (1 species), Pantala (1 species) and Zygongx (1 species).
Sspecies seen but not phorographed:
  • Lilypad Whiteface: France (Jun 2010)