Fritillaries (Heliconiinae)
The Nymphalidae family contains species more commonly known as Nymphalids (sub-family Nymphalinae), Fritillaries (subfamily Heliconiinae) and Browns (sub-family Satyrinae). Fritillaries are found throughout Europe, from inside the Arctic Circle to the deserts of North Africa.
Nine species have been recorded in Britain
  • Dark Green Fritillary: found in most of Britain
  • Glanville Fritillary: restricted to the Isle of White
  • Heath Fritillary: restricted to east Kent and Essex, and parts of the West Country
  • High Brown Fritillary: scarce in west of England and Wales
  • Marsh Fritillary: scarce in west of England and Scotland
  • Pearl-bordered Fritillary: found in southern and western England, Wales and Scotland
  • Queen of Spain Fritillary: a rare migrant
  • Silver-washed Fritillary: found in Wales, and England south-west of a line between Merseyside and the Thames estuary
  • Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary: found in Scotland, Wales and south and west England