Whites (Pieridae)
The Pieridae family contains species more commonly known as "whites" and "yellows". The pigment (yellows and oranges) which occur in some species from this family are derived from uric acid waste products which deposit themselves on the wing scales during pupation. The pupae of all species from the Pieridae family are positioned in an upright fashion, with a single silk girdle around the middle.
Eleven species have been recorded in Britain:
  • Bath White: a rare migrant
  • Berger's Clouded Yellow: a rare migrant
  • Black-veined White: extinct
  • Brimstone: common in England
  • Clouded Yellow: an irregular migrant
  • Green-veined White: found throughout most of Britain
  • Large White: widespread and common
  • Orange-tip: found throughout most of Britain
  • Pale Clouded Yellow: a rare migrant
  • Small White: widespread and common
  • Wood White: mainly found in central, southern and south-west England; uncommon