Blues (Polyommatinae)
The Lycaenidae family is a group of small butterflies more commonly known as Blues (sub-family Polyommatinae), Coppers (sub-family Lycaeninae) and Hairstreaks (sub-family Theclinae). Males in the Polyommatinae sub-family are usually blue, and females are brown, but both sexes of the Anomalous blues are brown.
Thirteen species have been recorded in Britain:
  • Adonis Blue: restricted to chalk and limestone in south-east England and the Cotswolds
  • Brown Argus: mainly found south-east of a line between the Severn and the Humber
  • Chalk Hill Blue: found on chalk south east of a line from the Wash to the Severn estuary
  • Common Blue: common and widespread
  • Geranium Bronze: imported on pelargoniums
  • Holly Blue: widespread in southern and central England
  • Large Blue: very restricted distribution in western England
  • Long-tailed Blue: a rare migrant
  • Mazarine Blue: extinct
  • Northern Brown Argus: found in east Scotland and northern England
  • Short-tailed Blue: a rare migrant
  • Silver-studded Blue: mainly found on heathlands in southern England and East Anglia
  • Small Blue: mainly found in southern England and South Wales