Nymphalids (Nymphalinae)
The Nymphalidae family contains species more commonly known as Nymphalids (sub-family Nymphalinae), Fritillaries (subfamily Heliconiinae) and Browns (sub-family Satyrinae). Many of the Nymphalids are strong fliers, and some species are migratory.
Twelve species have been recorded in Britain:
  • Camberwell Beauty: a rare migrant
  • Comma: found throught England and Wales
  • Large Tortoiseshell: a rare migrant
  • Map Butterfly: a rare migrant
  • Monarch: a rare migrant
  • Painted Lady: a regular migrant
  • Peacock: widely distributed
  • Purple Emperor: restricted to Sallow woods in south-central England
  • Red Admiral: a regular migrant
  • Scarce Tortoiseshell: a rare migrant
  • Small Tortoiseshell: widely distributed
  • White Admiral: found in central and southern England