Browns (Satyrinae)
The Nymphalidae family contains species more commonly known as Nymphalids (sub-family Nymphalinae), Fritillaries (subfamily Heliconiinae) and Browns (sub-family Satyrinae). The Brown sub-family contains about one-third of all European species. Most are some shade of brown, and all have prominent eye-spots. The larvae of all species feed on grasses.
Eleven species have been recorded in Britain
  • Gatekeeper: found throughout most of England and Wales
  • Grayling: primarily a heath and coastal species
  • Large Heath: found in the north and west of Britain
  • Marbled White: widely distributed in central and southern England
  • Meadow Brown: widely distributed
  • Mountain Ringlet: restricted to Cumbria and western Scotland
  • Ringlet: widely distributed
  • Scotch Argus: restricted to Cumbria and Scotland
  • Small Heath: widely distributed
  • Speckled Wood: widely distributed
  • Wall Brown: primarily a coastal species