Mountain Small White (Pieris ergane)

Taken in the Paklenica National Park, Croatia, on June 8th 2017.
(1/2000th sec at f13. Approx 2.5x lifesize. © David Hastings)


Wing span: 34 - 48mm

A small mountain species. The forewing upper surface has a square grey apical mark.

It is patchily distributed in south and SE Europe. It is very local and rare in Spain, Italy and France.

It is found on hot and dry rocky slopes and scrubby grassland with xerophytic vegetation on calcareous land, typically between 1000 and 2000m.

There are two or three generations per year, from April to August.

The larvae feed on Aethionema saxatile and Aethionema orbiculatum.


08-Jun-2017 : Paklenica National Park, Croatia