Whooper Swan (Cygnus cygnus)
Whooper Swan (Cygnus cygnus). Taken at Welney, Cambs, on January 2nd 2005.
Taken at Welney, Cambs, on January 2nd 2005.
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L: 140 - 160cm; WS: 205 - 235cm

The Whooper swan is a large white swan, bigger than a Bewick's but smaller than a Mute. It has a long thin neck, which it usually holds erect, and black legs. Its black bill has a large triangular patch of yellow on it.

Its breeding range is Iceland, northern Europe and Russia. It is mainly a winter visitor to the British Isles.

It breeds on tundra pools and small lakes with sheltering vegetaion, on damp bogs and in marshes.

Has a loud, bugling call, similar to that of the Bewick's Swan.

Its UK conservation status is amber, owing to its winter population and small breeding numbers.


10-Jan-2015 : Lower Radley, Oxon (2)
27-Dec-2013 : Otmoor, Oxon (3)
02-Jan-2005 : Welney, Norfolk