Shearwaters & Petrels (Procellariidae)
These are medium-sized seabirds that fly low over the open oceans and come to land only to breed on remote, uninhabited islands or headlands. They are characterized by long, still wings that are held straight as they obtain lift from air rising over the waves. They have webbed feet, hooked bills and tube noses. They feed on fish and squid.
There are sixty-six species worldwide, of which six breed in Europe and two are visitors in variable numbers.
Species seen but not photographed:
  • Manx Shearwater: Isles of Scilly (June 2003)
  • Bulwer's Petrel: Madeira (May 2004)
  • Fea's Petrel: Madeira (May 2004)
  • Wilson's Petrel: Straits of Gibraltar (October 2010)