Bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula)
Bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula. Male. Taken at Otmoor, Oxon., on June 5th 2016.
Male. Taken at Otmoor, Oxon., on June 5th 2016.
(1/800th sec at f14. Click image for larger version. © David Hastings)
Bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula. Female. Taken at Otmoor, Oxon., on June 5th 2016.
Female. Taken at Otmoor, Oxon., on June 5th 2016.
(1/1000th sec at f14. Click image for larger version. © David Hastings)


15.5 - 17.5 cm

The Bullfinch is a bulky bull-headed bird. The upper parts are grey, the flight feathers and short thick bill are black, as are the cap and face in adults. The white rump and wing bars are striking in flight. The adult male has pinkish-red underparts; females and young birds are grey-buff.

Bullfinches are found throughout the British Isles, with the exception of the far north and west of Scotland.

Typical habitats include woodlands, orchards and hedgerows. Mixed woodland with some conifers is favoured for breeding.

This species does not form large flocks outside the breeding season, and is usually seen as a pair or family group.

The Bullfinch has Amber conservation status. There are about 220,000 territories in the UK.


07-Nov-2019 : Standlake Common, Oxon (1m,1f)
29-Aug-2019 : Otmoor, Oxon (4)
11-Aug-2019 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (1)
24-May-2019 : Strathdearn, Highland (1)
21-Apr-2019 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (1)
23-Feb-2019 : Standlake Common, Oxon (1m,1f)
20-Jan-2019 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (1m,4f)
09-Jan-2019 : Radley Lakes, Oxon (2m,1f)
08-Jan-2019 : Standlake Common, Oxon (2m,5f)
03-Jan-2019 : Otmoor, Oxon (2)
02-Jan-2019 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (3)

20-Dec-2018 : Standlake Common, Oxon (2)
31-Jul-2018 : Whitecross Green Wood, Oxon (1)
26-Jun-2018 : Leighton Moss, Lancashire (8)
06-Jun-2018 : Otmoor, Oxon (1f)
05-May-2018 : Gilfach Farm, Powys (1)
22-Apr-2018 : Standlake Common, Oxon (1f)
01-Apr-2018 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (2)
26-Mar-2018 : Otmoor, Oxon (1m)
24-Feb-2018 : Standlake Common, Oxon (2)
15-Feb-2018 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (4m,1f)
30-Jan-2018 : Otmoor, Oxon (3m,4f)
28-Jan-2018 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (1m)
06-Jan-2018 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (1m,2f)

16-Dec-2017 : Standlake Common, Oxon (1f)
16-Nov-2017 : Otmoor, Oxon (1m,1f)
13-Nov-2017 : Highmoor, Oxon (1m)
05-Nov-2017 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (2)
01-Nov-2017 : Standlake Common, Oxon (4)
30-Oct-2017 : Otmoor, Oxon (1)
11-Jun-2017 : Velebits National Park, Croatia
30-May-2017 : Otmoor, Oxon (1m)
21-Apr-2017 : MoD Arncott (4+)
25-Mar-2017 : Otmoor, Oxon (1m)
19-Mar-2017 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (3m,2f)
21-Jan-2017 : Standlake Common, Oxon (1m,2f)
02-Jan-2017 : Standlake Common, Oxon (2)

24-Dec-2016 : Standlake Common, Oxon (4+)
02-Oct-2016 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (1m)
19-Jun-2016 : Whitecross Green Wood, Oxon (2)
05-Jun-2016 : Otmoor, Oxon (2)
06-May-2016 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (2)
30-Apr-2016 : Otmoor, Oxon (1m,1f)
27-Mar-2016 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (1m)
25-Mar-2016 : Otmoor, Oxon (1m)
13-Mar-2016 : Otmoor, Oxon (2)
06-Mar-2016 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (4)
07-Feb-2016 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (2)
23-Jan-2016 : Otmoor, Oxon (2)

01-Jun-2015 : Otmoor, Oxon (2)
10-May-2015 : Otmoor, Oxon (2)
27-Apr-2015 : Whitecross Green Wood, Oxon (2)
22-Mar-2015 : Otmoor, Oxon (2)
21-Feb-2015 : Radley Lakes, Oxon (4)
08-Feb-2015 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (5)
01-Feb-2015 : Otmoor, Oxon (2)
17-Jan-2015 : Radley Lakes, Oxon (1)