Tree Pipit (Anthus trivialis)

Taken at Cors y Llyn, Powys, on May 5th 2018.
(1/320th sec at f13. © David Hastings)


L: 14 - 16 cm

Like the Meadow Pipit, but has a heavier bill and bolder head markings. Its legs and bill base are pink.

It is found throughout the British Isles as a summer visitor. It winters in Africa.

It breeds in open woodland, young conifer plantations, heaths and commons, downland with scrub and woodland glades.

It has a characteristic song flight, starting from a tree, climbing up and parachuting down on rigid wings, to perch in a different tree.

This is a Red list species as it has undergone significant population declines in central and southern England.


06-Jun-2019 : Bentley Wood, Wilts (1)
24-May-2019 : Inverlaidnan, Highland (2)
22-May-2019 : Abernethy Forest, Highland (1)
04-May-2019 : Gilfach Farm, Powys (2)
02-May-2019 : Cors y Llyn NNR, Powys (1)

23-Jun-2018 : Meathop Moss, Cumbria (1)
05-May-2018 : Cors y Llyn NNR, Powys (1)
05-May-2018 : Gilfach Farm, Powys (3)
04-May-2018 : Cors y Llyn NNR, Powys (1)
03-May-2018 : Gwenffrwd-Dinas, Ceredigion (2)