Spotted Flycatcher (Muscicapa striata)

Taken at Boot, Cumbria, on June 25th 2018.
(1/100th sec at f14. © David Hastings)


L: 13.5 - 15 cm; WS: 23 - 25cm

A small, rather slim passerine, lacking obvious features. It has dull grey-brown upperparts, off-white underparts and dark streaking on the breast. The bill is dark, fairly long and strong. The sexes are similar.

It is widely found in Europe, but is a summer visitor, wintering in Africa.

It breeds in gardens, parks and in forests, often with small glades and openings.

It flies from a high perch, dashes out to grab a flying insect and returns to the same spot.

It has Red status on the UK list owing to population decline. There are around 38000 territories in the UK.


25-Jun-2018 : Eskdale, Cumbria (2)

14-May-2017 : Rodborough Common, Glos (1)

14-Aug-2016 : Whitecross Green Wood, Oxon (1)
05-Jul-2016 : Smardale Gill NNR, Cumbria (2)

23-Jul-2015 : Melnik, Bulgaria

22-Jun-2014 : Plazishte, Bulgaria
19-Jun-2014 : Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria
07-Jun-2014 : Stanford Dingley, Berks (1)