Willow Warbler (Phylloscopus trochilus)
Willow Warbler (Phylloscopus trochilus). Taken at Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon., on April 18th 2018.
Taken at Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon., on April 18th 2018.
(1/400th sec at f13. Click image for larger version. © David Hastings)


L: 11 - 12.5 cm

The Willow Warbler is a small bird with a grey-green back and pale under parts. It has a yellow tinged chest and throat and pale supercillium. It is very similar to the Chiffchaff, but is yellower.

In the summer can be found throughout the British Isles. It spends the winter in Africa.

It breeds wherever a few trees or taller bushes exist, often in woodlands and more wooded parks and gardens.

Like the Chiffchaff, it is often seen flitting about in the tree canopy in search of insects.

Although there are over 2.4 million breeding territories in the UK, it has suffered a moderate population decline since 1988 and is thus an Amber list species.


12-Jul-2019 : Whitecross Green Wood, Oxon (1)
30-Jun-2019 : Silchester Common, Hants (h)
22-Jun-2019 : Whitecross Green Wood, Oxon (h)
22-Jun-2019 : Bernwood Forest, Bucks (h)
16-Jun-2019 : Whitecross Green Wood, Oxon (h)
16-Jun-2019 : Otmoor, Oxon (h)
15-Jun-2019 : Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon (1)
06-Jun-2019 : Bentley Wood, Wilts (h)
06-Jun-2019 : Stockbridge Down, Hants (h)
03-Jun-2019 : Whitecross Green Wood, Oxon (h)
03-Jun-2019 : Otmoor, Oxon (h)
02-Jun-2019 : Radley Lakes, Oxon (h)
01-Jun-2019 : Bucknell Wood, Northants (h)
24-May-2019 : Craigellachie NNR, Highland (h)
24-May-2019 : Loch Morlich, Highland (h)
24-May-2019 : Cairngorm, Highland (1)
22-May-2019 : Abernethy Forest, Highland (h)
12-May-2019 : Ivinghoe Beacon, Bucks (h)
11-May-2019 : Radley Lakes, Oxon (h)
07-May-2019 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (h)
04-May-2019 : Gilfach Farm, Powys (3+)
03-May-2019 : Elan Valley, Powys (3+)
02-May-2019 : Cors y Llyn NNR, Powys (1)
01-May-2019 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (h)
30-Apr-2019 : Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon (h)
26-Apr-2019 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (h)
21-Apr-2019 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (3)
20-Apr-2019 : Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon (h)
18-Apr-2019 : Otmoor, Oxon (1+)
17-Apr-2019 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (1+)
14-Apr-2019 : Standlake Common, Oxon (1)
10-Apr-2019 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (h)
03-Apr-2019 : Standlake Common, Oxon (1)

27-Sep-2018 : Chimney Meadows, Oxon (1)
24-Sep-2018 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (6+)
13-Sep-2018 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (1)
06-Sep-2018 : Otmoor, Oxon (1)
02-Sep-2018 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (1)
30-Aug-2018 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (2)
28-Jun-2018 : Leighton Moss, Lancashire (h)
24-Jun-2018 : Irton Pike, Cumbria (h)
24-Jun-2018 : Wasdale, Cumbria (h)
23-Jun-2018 : Meathop Moss, Cumbria (h)
20-Jun-2018 : Standlake Common, Oxon (h)
18-Jun-2018 : Otmoor, Oxon (h)
06-Jun-2018 : Whitecross Green Wood, Oxon (h)
06-Jun-2018 : Otmoor, Oxon (h)
03-Jun-2018 : Bentley Wood, Wilts (h)
02-Jun-2018 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (h)
27-May-2018 : Ardley Quarry, Oxon (h)
27-May-2018 : Bucknell Wood, Northants (h)
26-May-2018 : The Holies, Berks (h)
18-May-2018 : Radley Lakes, Oxon (h)
14-May-2018 : Otmoor, Oxon (h)
11-May-2018 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (h)
05-May-2018 : Cors y Llyn NNR, Powys (1)
05-May-2018 : Gilfach Farm, Powys (12)
04-May-2018 : Cors y Llyn NNR, Powys (3)
04-May-2018 : Elan Valley, Powys (1+)
03-May-2018 : Gwenffrwd-Dinas, Ceredigion (2+)
01-May-2018 : Otmoor, Oxon (2h)
25-Apr-2018 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (h)
22-Apr-2018 : Standlake Common, Oxon (h)
18-Apr-2018 : Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon (1)
16-Apr-2018 : Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon (h)
10-Apr-2018 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (h)

18-Jun-2017 : Bernwood Forest, Bucks (h)
15-Jun-2017 : Whitecross Green Wood, Oxon (h)
14-Jun-2017 : Daneway Banks, Gloucs (h)
30-May-2017 : Otmoor, Oxon (h)
27-May-2017 : Bucknell Wood, Northants (h)
20-May-2017 : Bentley Wood, Wilts (2+)
14-May-2017 : Rodborough Common, Glos (h)
14-May-2017 : Whelford Pools, Glos (1)
01-May-2017 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (1h)
29-Apr-2017 : Otmoor, Oxon (1h)
21-Apr-2017 : MoD Arncott (1+)
13-Apr-2017 : Otmoor, Oxon (1h)
02-Apr-2017 : Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon (1h)

23-Jul-2016 : Otmoor, Oxon (1h)
05-Jul-2016 : Smardale Gill NNR, Cumbria (3+)
19-Jun-2016 : Whitecross Green Wood, Oxon (h)
05-Jun-2016 : Otmoor, Oxon (h)
03-Jun-2016 : Bentley Wood, Wilts (h)
28-May-2016 : Wicken Wood, Bucks (h)
28-May-2016 : Bucknell Wood, Northants (1)
08-May-2016 : Whelford Pools, Glos (1)
30-Apr-2016 : Otmoor, Oxon (h)
23-Apr-2016 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (1h)
19-Apr-2016 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (1)
17-Apr-2016 : Otmoor, Oxon (1+)

06-Sep-2015 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (1)
21-Jun-2015 : Otmoor, Oxon (1h)
18-Jun-2015 : Haddon Hill, Somerset (1h)
06-Jun-2015 : Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon (h)
30-May-2015 : Bucknell Wood, Northants (h)
17-May-2015 : Bentley Wood, Wilts (1)
16-May-2015 : Ivinghoe Beacon, Bucks (h)
09-May-2015 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (1h)
01-May-2015 : Arne, Dorset (1)
30-Apr-2015 : Stoborough Heath NNR, Dorset (1)
28-Apr-2015 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (h)
27-Apr-2015 : Otmoor, Oxon (2+)
19-Apr-2015 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (h)
12-Apr-2015 : Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon (2)
10-Apr-2015 : Port Meadow, Oxford, Oxon (1)