Wood Warbler (Phylloscopus sibilatrix)

Male. Taken at Gwenffrwd-Dinas, Ceredigion, on May 9th 2014.
(1/160th sec at f11. © David Hastings)


L: 11 - 12.5cm;

The Wood Warbler has greenish-yellow upper parts, bright yellow throat and upper chest, and white under parts. It has a very distinctive song.

In the UK it is mainly found in western oak woods, particularly in mid-Wales.

Its breeding habitat is deciduous woodland under closed canopies, where there is little or no shrub layer.

The Wood Warbler spends the winter in tropical Africa.

It has Red status on the British list, presumably because of the low number of breeding birds. There are about 6500 pairs in the UK.


05-May-2019 : Elan Valley, Powys (2)
04-May-2019 : Gilfach Farm, Powys (1)
03-May-2019 : Elan Valley, Powys (7+)

23-Jun-2018 : Meathop Moss, Cumbria (1)
04-May-2018 : Elan Valley, Powys (8+)
03-May-2018 : Gwenffrwd-Dinas, Ceredigion (2)